It's On!

on Friday, September 11, 2015 at 9:45 AM

I'm going to Erie.

The weather forecasts haven't really changed much temperature wise. Now being only 48 hours out, I can get hourly forecasts and all sites are generally predicting ok temperatures. 


Weather Network

Weather Underground

All under 15C. I'd still like it a tad cooler, but I suppose it's way better than what they've been having recently.  I went for a run this morning in 16C and though it was nice for a recovery run, marathon pace requires a bit more effort so the extra coolness would be welcome.  The wild card is now they are predicting a good chance for rain, not a lot though. On the plus side, it probably means cloudy day which means no sun bearing down on us. 

The Montreal and Rochester forecasts for next week are predicting higher temperatures so I suppose I'd rather take my chances with Erie now than hope for cooler temperatures next week. 

I was reading on the facebook page for the marathon and someone mentioned that there are biting insects when they were out there last weekend.  For some reason, I'm like a magnet for mosquitoes so this has me a bit worried.  I guess I'll have to wear some insect repellent the morning of, but I've never worn that during a race and you know the old adage, don't do anything new on race day. 


mg said...

Good luck! As long as it isn't pouring buckets and cold, rain isn't too terrible. It can keep the temperature down and it's nice to have the sun kept away.

Arcane said...