on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 9:46 PM

So just to give you some training updates. The weight loss for the month of March was a success. I'm down to around 141 pounds or so which is the lightest I've been in over 5 years.  Going to try and go back to eating normal now so I'm not constantly in a state of calorie deficit.  I think I'm going to try some HR marathon pace work to see where I might be fitness wise.  I had hoped to gain some more information from Around the Bay about that, but the HR spiking precluded that.

I also bought a Polar M400 GPS watch which I've been eying for a while now.  I've been running with the Polar RC3 for a few years ago and some annoying traits for it (no lap pace, no display of HR when paused, no customizable screens) have all been remedied with the new M400.  I noticed the price on the thing was creeping up due to the CDN dollar and a store was trying to clear out the old stock at a discount so I decided to get one. I only bought it a few days before ATB and ran that race with it.  I've only had a handful of runs with it, but while the features lacking from the RC3 have been added, I find the GPS on the M400 to be just terrible.   Looking at the 8km race I did last weekend, it recorded the certified 8km race (4.97 miles) as being 4.84 mile which seems quite a bit off. It had my average pace at 7:01 min/mile which is 10 sec off what it actually was. I can understand being a little off due to cutting corners and the hills probably lost some distance, but that seems like a lot.  Even on my regular routes that I've measured over the years in Google earth and run with other GPS watches, the M400 constantly under measures distance where I'm missing as much as 40m over a first mile.  It appears from the interweb that not everyone is having GPS issues with their M400 so I'm hoping to play around with it a bit more to figure out what it's limitation are or at the very least to get used to its undermeasuring performance.