And so I'm doing....

on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 8:27 PM

...Goodlife Toronto.  While checking the weather forecast last Sunday for this upcoming Sunday, I realized that The Weather Network Tablet Android app actually breaks down the forecast by morning, afternoon and evening for the seven day forecast.  It's weird that you can't get this information from the phone app or even the website.  You can get hourly forecast 36 hours out, but more detailed info from 36 hours to 7 days is only available from the tablet app. 

I like the Weather Network app because it gives you the ability to really drill down to a specific location by postal code.  For example, the forecast by the lake is cooler then it would be for up near the start, as it should be. I'm not sure how they are able to do it, but I appreciate the added information. So I've been monitoring the forecast for the Toronto Islands which is pretty close to where most of the 2nd half of the marathon will take place.

Monday 8pm

Tuesday 8am

Wednesday 8pm
Thursday 8pm

 I was really only concerned with the Morning forecast. I had to register by Wednesday evening and the Sunday forecast for that looked great on Wednesday evening. Slight wind from the south and a low of 9C and high of 13C in the afternoon meaning that it should stay relatively cool during the morning hours.So basically with the east-west wind taken out of the equation, (or so I thought), I signed up for the course with the bigger net elevation drop, which was Goodlife.

Forecast now is a little worse. Starting out at 11C with a SW wind so they'll be a bit of a headwind for the 15km stretch in the 2nd half, but it might be okay since it's a bit warmer. Not much I can do to control it now. 

So surfing around last night, I almost immediately was having second thoughts.  I've never run the new course and haven't run it since the moved it to May from October so I was surfing around to get an idea of what to expect.  The course seems to have not gotten good organization compliments on Marathon Guide and has gotten poor scores on MyNextRace.  The organizer is the same guy who managed the Sporting Life 10k disaster a few years ago before he was let go. 

Here's to hoping it won't be too bad.  Hopefully, nice weather means more volunteers will show up which means better manned water stations.  In any event, I don't think I'll take any chances and will carry a gatorade bottle with me.