Toronto Peace Marathon 10k Update

on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 3:05 PM

Sometime between when I posted last night and today, Sportstats corrected the results listing for the race and removed two of the people that were ahead of me. Though I don't think the two people intentionally turned around early to win the race, it could have been that they signed up for the 10k but only did the 5k route which I think was supposed to start later.

So I finished 2nd overall like I thought I did and actually finished first in my age group which means I would have certainly won a prize. I now kinda feel bad that I didn't go to the awards ceremony. I'm hoping there were no Bueller Bueller moments. It looks like it was taking place at the KCCA HQ which was across the street from Sunnybrook park. In fact, I drove by it on my way home.

Even still, I'm not sure if they corrected this prior to the awards ceremony, figured it out at the awards ceremony or this is a result of sportstats doing a post race analysis and correction of the results. Whatever the result, I'm not really miffed at missing out on a prize, since to be honest, this was more of a Korean celebration for peace and it looked pretty clear to me that everyone was having a good time. I sort of felt like an outsider who was crashing the party, especially considering I didn't understand a word of what anyone was saying.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the race and the slightly challenging course and as I said before, it's a race I would certainly consider doing again.