Junk Food.

on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 8:34 PM

Got through the week of TIFF. 21 films over the course of 6 days. Some bad, some surprisingly good. I had intended to try and eat healthy, but alas, the hot dog, poutine and burger meals ended up getting the better of me. I did try and have a few sit down meals where you actually order while sitting down, but needless to say, the crappy meals made up to majority of caloric intake last week.

While waiting in line, I tried to catch up one some magazine reading.  One of the articles I read (can't remember where) had an interesting article in it about a guy doing some unorthodox research.  He was trying to see if a recovery meal that consisted of McDonalds was just as effective as a more traditional one.  The theory being that the human body has evolved over so many years that it can figure out what it needs at any given moment and absorb whatever it needs from whatever you eat.  Sounds good in theory, and I certainly have been an unofficial test subject to this ideology.  Personally, I'd like to try and get a bit lighter since that presumably means faster times, but I'm pretty skinny to begin with and I always feel that I'm starting to lose muscle when I drop below a certain threshold of weight so I've been lately trying to do some more weight training and core strengthening to hopefully prevent that.

I got my first real test with the new training regime last Saturday with a 5k race and think I didn't pretty good considering the week of garbage food leading up to it. Hopefully with TIFF done and no more temptations (ie, Halloween) until after marathon race day, I'm hoping for better and faster things.