Sports Drink

on Saturday, August 30, 2014 at 2:33 PM

I typically use Gatordade on my runs.  Buy the canisters and mix it myself.  I've found lately though that I'm buying the gatorade bottles with the twisty caps and just using them on my runs.  They hold more liquid than my hand held and they offer more flavours than you typically get in the powdered form.  Cherry frost is my new favorite, mostly it's somewhat palatable and it's white so if you spill it on your shirt it doesn't show.

I recently bought some Honey Maxx powder.  It was a spontaneous buy while I was in line to buy some stuff at a local running store. Never tried it before, but since the marathon I'm running in the fall will be serving it, I thought I'd give it a try. I bought a 500g bag of the stuff which supposedly has 20 servings in it.  Not exactly cheap at over $20 and the bag isn't the most useful thing.  It's one of those resealable bags that you might find used for chips, but this contains powder and a little plastic scoop in it.  The scoop is much smaller than a typical gatorade one, so the first time I tried it, I just assumed that roughly the same amount of powder would do. First thing I notice is that it doesn't dissolve very well.  While Gatorade crystals dissolve relatively quick, this stuff was more like a powder (think like flour) and I had my doubts about whether it would fully dissolve by the time I took my first sip. When I did take my first sip, yikes, it was way too concentrated and sickly sweet.  Basically, like a concentrated honey.  Even though the flavour was supposed to be "orange",  there really isn't a hint of it, just the overwhelming sweetness.  I realized after, that about a scoop and a quarter is all that's needed, but it's still very sweet. It's also very gritty.  Even once fully dissolved, you can still feel some grit in there while drinking.  I think I'm getting used to the taste and it hasn't caused me any gastro distress.  They also have a lemon-lime flavour and I'm hopping that it's not terrible.

Looking at the Niagara falls race, I noticed that they only have fluid stations every other mile now.  When I last did the race back in 2009, they had one every mile which was one of the reasons I chose to run the race.  I usually need to drink quite a bit while racing a marathon so this has me worried a bit, but I guess there's no point worrying about it now.