on Friday, August 1, 2014 at 7:54 PM

I registered for the Niagara Falls marathon that takes place on October 26.  It was either this one or Hamilton which is a week later.  I've done Niagara falls before so am somewhat familiar with it.  Ideally would have liked to wait until the week of to register even if it was more expensive, but it looked like it was going to sell out early.  At the beginning of July, 2/3 of the 1500 spots were gone and considering the last price increase of August 1 was looming, I just decided to register and save the extra $10.

This got me thinking about the marathon majors again which I would like to do at some point.  I've done the three US based ones which are easy, the remaining three (London, Berlin, Tokyo) are more difficult to plan for.  This is also complicated in that all three have a lottery system to get in, but you can always buy your way in, if you're willing to pay.  The nice thing is that none of these three charge you to enter the lottery, unlike one marathon (*cough* New York. *cough*) and they also don't require you to automatically pay upon being selected. You still have an opportunity to not go and not pay if you want, also unlike a certain marathon.  With no chance of doing Boston next year, I thought maybe I would take a shot at crossing at least one of the remaining three off my list in 2015.  London is off the list because I forgot to enter the lottery which was available for all of one day.  Next year, I have to put it into my calendar.

Both Tokyo and Berlin both have lotteries that have yet to take place and I'll probably enter both of them with the hopes of getting into only one of them If I get lucky and get into both, there's always a possibility of doing them both since one is in February and the other in September, but I'm not sure I would be able to make at least a week long vacation out of both, but then it would seem like a waste to go all that way to just run 42.2km.  I guess I'll have to cross that bridge *if* I get to it. 


Robin said...

Glad you are back at it...yeah for the registration. Berlin is definitely on my bucket list. Would love to take my mom (she's German and from outside of Berlin). I'd buy my way in. I like the way they organize everything... One day... Good luck in October!

Lisa Jennifer said...

Woah, woah, woah. 3, count them, 3 posts in the last 2 weeks from you! Glad you're back:) Bonne chance at Niagara!

Arcane said...

Yes, I've decided to try and post at least once a week from now on. Won't be anything too earth shattering, but I suppose better than nothing at all.