on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 9:18 PM

So it's that time of the year again for my first post of the year. Last year, I waited till August, so a whole month earlier is a bit of an improvement. 

Yeah I know I still haven't written a race report for NY. There's really not much to say, other than:

I went. I ran. I finished.

3:55 and change which looking back now was surprising considering the circumstances of my injury.

After a winter of forced rest and allowing my leg to heal, the training is back on.  Right now I'm targeting a fall marathon.  Tentatively was looking at Niagara falls with a back up of Hamilton.  Niagara though seems to be filling up pretty fast. It's two-thirds sold out and there's still a good 3 months till race day.  Looking like I won't be able to do the last minute registration thing like I've done in the past. 

Not sure what goal time will be, but I'll let the training dictate that and figure it out a few months from now. As for training, I'm sticking with the Pfitz plan basically but thinking that I should try and improve my running efficiency a bit. I've been very intrigued by cadence measurements that you can get in the new garmins. I use a polar GPS device and can only get cadence through a foot pod.  Not sure I want to spend over $100 to get cadence information when I can just as easily count myself during a run, but it would be nice to have it automatically collected.


Robin said...

Glad you are able to run again and that you are back at it (and blogging). I'm headed for Prince Edward County for my fall marathon this year (if you are looking for suggestions lol). Anwyway, welcome back.