Racing a short 5k?

on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 6:56 PM

Since i last updated, i've moved onto shorter stuff. Topping out at 8 miles or so during the week and then a long run in the low to mid teens on Sunday.

Last Tuesday: Did 4 miles recovery

Last Wednesday: 8 miles including 5x1000m (3:57 per repeat)

Saturday: 8 miles including 4 miles LT at 6:53 pace
Sunday: 12.5 miles averaging 9:16 pace. I bonked big time on this run. I hadn't quite recovered from the LT run on Saturday and though started this okay, i struggled to maintain 9:30 pace towards the end.
Tuesday: 8 miles including 4x1200m (4:52, 4:48, 4:48, 4:47) 20min 5k pace is 4:48 so first was slow and the others okay
Today: 6 miles recovery about 9:15 pace

So the reason for the shorter and faster stuff is to prepare for another try at breaking 20min in the 5k.  I've looking at a race on Nov. 22 which is in a little over a week. The race is in Whitby and i think the route might be the same route for a 5k race I did in the spring.  However I observed at the time that I thought the course was short.  After doing a little searching on Garmin Connect and Motionbased where other people with garmins have raced the course, i'm almost certain it's short as they all report a distance of around 3.05 miles (about 90m short) . There's another 5k on the same date close by but it's an out and back with a hill and i don't like hills so it looks like i'm going to be choosing this short one even though i'm pretty sure it's not 5k.  Maybe I'll get lucky and they measure the course accurately this time. 


Quinto Sol said...

That is gutsy Frank... doing speedwork so soon after your BQ...

yumke said...

I was about to say the same thing. I've done some faster runs, but nothing close to LT or track.. Go for the sub 20!

Anonymous said...

Close again with your 5K. You're very close. Maybe your rest/recovery between intervals is too long? Or maybe you need to increase the speed a bit - shoot for mile interval pace time about 10s faster than what your goal pace is supposed to be.