on Monday, August 18, 2008 at 11:25 PM

Well been over a week since i last posted. recovery has been fine. I have these big black holes where my wisdom teeth used to be and it's been hard to eat for fear of dislodging the black scabs. Ran on Saturday for 6 miles, tried to go very slow considering it was my first run in 2 weeks and a week after the oral surgery extraction but still had to walk for bits. Ran today for about 4.5 miles at 8:45 pace. Just watched Simon Whitfield win a silver medal in the olympic triathalon. He seemed to be out of it with about a km to go but dugg deep and sprinted to the end and took the lead with about 200m to go, but you got to give it to the German for hanging tough and out sprinting him. Man thought Simon was going to win the gold. Would have been nice since he's my age and it's nice to know that us older guys still have it in us.


yumke said...

Yeah, my girlfriend and I were screaming at the TV set willing Simon to win. Fantastic tactical run by him eh?

Glad you're back running. I'm lucky I got my wisdom teeth out many years ago..

Sonia said...

Wow running after such a short time! Good for you. Hope you didn't lose too much weight.

We were also screaming at the tv, I kept repeating: " he played safe, he has more gas in the tank" lol